Introducing our ethereal collection of scarves, crafted with care from the finest 100% modal, designed to capture the essence of the holy month of Ramadan. Inspired by the Lunar cycle that guides our prayers, these scarves are a tribute to the sacred moments from Magrib to Fajr, when Dua is whispered in the silence of the night. Available in a mesmerizing palette of 12 shades, our scarves evoke the beauty of the Crescent moon with hues that reflect the changing skies from Dusk to Dawn. Enveloped in the softness of modal, these scarves are like a comforting Lantern at Midnight gently guiding through the spiritual journey of Ramadan. The warmth of Chai and the aroma of Qahwa linger, as we break our fast with Dates, a symbolic gesture of gratitude. Indulge in the grace of our modal scarves, as they drape you in elegance, embodying the essence of Ramadan.