Diamanté Rewards

Diamanté Scarves Rewards Program

Diamanté Scarves has been built by our loyal customers who come back to us time and time again for quality scarves for the best prices. Everyone at the Diamanté Team agreed that it is time to start rewarding our loyal customers.

What's better than quality scarves? Discounts! 

Now, each dollar you spend at our online store counts as 1 Diamanté Point. This means that the more you buy from us, the more discounts you get! 

Diamanté Points Diamanté Rewards
100 $10 Off Coupon
200 $25 Off Coupon
600  $75 Off Coupon


Using your points is easy - as long as you keep purchasing, your points will keep adding up. Once you have enough points, you can use them towards the coupons listed above. You will then be able to apply these coupons to whichever purchase you'd like. Remember, the more points you have - the better the discounts.


From everyone here at Diamanté, enjoy shopping at our store. More importantly - enjoy your Diamanté Rewards.